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Europe is by far the most important business partner for Turkey. Trade continues to grow strongly every year.

The world is growing more and more into a global market. In order to be able to benefit from this growth you will need a strong competent partner by your side. A qualified and professional local representation of your interests is of great importance. Being competitive has a supportive servicing concept as a prerequisite.


  • Your representation and agency office in Turkey

  • Focussed on the supply of goods in the fashion and design sector

  • Providing professional support in all aspects of business

  • Dealing with service provision for local business

  • Operating in a structured, systematic and creative manner

Success in the global marketplace can only be guaranteed if you have professional local support. We can offer this as a result of our qualified representation and agency, our service provision concept. You will thus be able to achieve your goals effectively and without great expenditure.

Trade relationships between Europe and Turkey are particularly good and the outlook for the future promises even more: Europe is the largest and most important trading partner for Turkey, both with regard to imports and exports. Over 40% of all Turkish exports and more than 51% of imports are with this partner.


The sturdy growth that has characterised Turkey in the last few years is the evidence for the Turkish boom in the whole of Europe. With its number of inhabitants of almost 80 million, Turkey is a great workforce and has a large dynamic internal market. We offer professional representation and service provision in order for you to benefit from this potential.

We can support you in this and offer representation in Turkey, meaning that you can reduce your office and personnel costs. Our team will provide local representation. Knowledge and awareness of both local and global business relationships, professionalism and accuracy are our guiding principles.

Our strength is particularly our really close contact with many of the Turkish Chambers of Commerce and companies, including very good relationships with Turkish politics. We deal with the establishment, opening up new markets, contact generation, the presentation of your company and local project management. Our good contact with government authorities, professional partners in Turkey and our knowledge of legal matters guarantee serious, competent and target-oriented collaboration.



• Business promotion: presentation of your company to potential purchasers, manufacturers and organisations, and the execution of business visits

• Market analysis, opening up new markets, market monitoring, and generation of market reports

• Checking legal aspects

•  Acquisition of new customers, looking after customer contacts, customer support

• Local interest representation, exhibition services

Professional services for all aspects of local business.

In order to be successful and competitive in external markets, you need to know the target group and be familiar with the market in the specific country and be aware of the legal aspects involved. This is achieved in the best and quickest way by using a professional local partner. This is where the service provision concept at Metropol comes in.

In order to guarantee your success, we support you in all your business activities with the following services:


Detailed planning for meetings and events to suit your wishes, ideas and goals. Collaboration with professional partners means that your event will leave a lasting impression. Success and prestige are guaranteed.


• Exhibition visits;

Visits to company-specific exhibitions in Turkey, with you or in your name. Acquisition of business contacts.

• Exhibition participation:

Integrated exhibition services: organisation and execution of your exhibition stands in Turkey.


We can organise your business visit to Turkey, from the flight to your accommodation. Our partnership with professional travel agents in Turkey and in Europe means that we can guarantee a successful lucrative business trip with top conditions.


In order to prevent problems of misunderstanding, we offer competent and confidential support by native speakers in the required languages.


Presentation of your company in all media sectors and procurement of the material required

• Corporate design in all media: print, digital, outdoor, exhibition presence, signage

• Digital media: web presence, interactive CD-ROMs, presentation films

• Print media: brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, business cards, letterheads etc.

• Advertising: TV and radio advertising

• Advertisements: in trade literature, magazines and newspapers

We are available at any time to provide further information and to answer any questions.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to your potential interest.



Telsiz Mahallesi Balıklı Yolu Sokak No: 26 K1-D3

Zeytinburnu / İstanbul


+90 212 546 50 91

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